Google launches new Nest Hub with Sleep Sensing


    Today Google launched their updated Nest Hub which packs a special sleep sensing technology. The 2nd Gen Nest hub features the same 7″ display and all the smart smart display functionality that we’ve come to love on our current Hub while introducing upgraded speaker (Google claim 50% more bass) and the gesture controls that have previously only been available on the larger Hub Max. We’ve used the original Nest Hub and Hub Max for some time now and they’ve become the literal ‘hubs’ for our smart homes, providing quick access to lighting controls, music playback, YouTube, Netflix, Disney+ and the best digital photo frames we’ve ever used!

    Here’s how Google explain the new sleep tracking technology on their store page: ‘Sleep Sensing, you can analyse the sleep of the person closest to the display. Sleep Sensing uses a low-energy motion sensor that detects movement and breathing. Other sensors in Nest Hub detect sounds like snoring and coughing, and environmental factors like light and temperature in the room. That is how you know when you went to bed and how long you slept but also the quality of your sleep.’

    Interestingly, from the dedicated Sleep Sensing page, Google mention that the feature will be launching in a preview state and will be free until next year. When next year that preview will end and how much it will cost when it’s fully launched remains unknown.

    The new 2nd Gen Nest Hub is available to pre-order right now for £89.99 from the Google Store with delivery currently set for March 31st.


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