Back to iOS I go. The iPhone 7 Plus is here!


After owning the Google Pixel XL since it’s UK release, today is the day I move back to iOS! I have owned every iPhone apart from the 6S and the rest of my family are deeply rooted in the Apple ecosystem so this feels very much like a homecoming.

After my initial disappointment that Apple and Jonny Ive decided to roll with almost the same design for the third year running, I changed things up a bit and went with the shiny new Google Pixel phone and boy what a phone it was. The greatest Android phone by a mile!

Despite my love with the Pixel and Android 7.0, it was the ecosystem that brought my back to the iPhone. The better half and our two kids use iPads, iPhones and Apple TV’s, I was still wearing my Apple Watch because I didn’t feel like there was a good Android Wear Alternative and I was also still using my trusty MacBook Air too!

Long story short, it was easier for me to return to iOS than it was to switch the rest of my family to Android.

Boy does it feel great to be back!! Buttery smooth performance, amazing camera (although the Pixel camera is great too), iTunes Family Sharing but most of all iMessage!

Now the kids can once again text me from their iPads, I receive notifications on my Apple Watch which I was wearing daily as a ‘dumb’ watch during my Android holiday and I can enjoy all the new features that have been introduced since iOS 8.

If  only Apple would fix Siri….


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