How to Set Up iPhone or iPad Parental Controls & Family Sharing

How To Set-up Family Sharing and Parental Controls iOS - DLS Tech

Most children love iPhones and iPads. These gadgets are an ideal way to keep every kid highly entertained and continually learning, any time of the day. With millions of interesting apps and games out there, there is no doubt that these amazing devices are popular among younger children.

However, correctly setting up the device for your child is very important and often over looked. As a parent, make sure that your correctly set up an iPhone or iPad with parental controls and Family Sharing before giving your Child their new device.

To get started, here are some of the useful, simple, and effective steps to follow…

* Wipe the Device

If you are passing your old iPhone or iPad onto your child, don’t forget to remove all your old data first. This will allow you to start the setup process from scratch and help you tailor the device in the way best suits to their age. Note: Before erasing everything, make sure you have backed up!! Once you have backed up, it’s time to wipe your iPhone or iPad. To do this, open the Settings app, select General, scroll it down, select Reset, and erase all contents.

* Set Up Family Sharing
As a parent, you should take responsibility for the selection of apps and games that your child has on their iPhone or iPad. You should be the one to purchase or download the apps through your App Store account. The best way to do this is with the iOS Family Sharing option that Apple have built right in to all iPhones and iPads. This brilliant setting means that your children can browse the App Store (if you allow it) but not buy or download a new app or game without first asking for your permission. Once they’ve done this, you’ll get a notification on your iPhone where you can allow the app or reject your child’s request for a new app.

Setting up Family Sharing is easy. First you go into your setting app, then tap your name (right at the top). Next tap, set up Family Sharing, then get started. At this point, you will need to confirm that you wish to be the Family Organiser (yes, you do) and double check that you’re signed in to your own personal Apple ID. From here, simply follow the onscreen instructions.

Once Family Sharing is all setup, the next set is to create an Apple ID for your child before handing them their shiny new iPhone or iPad.

How To Set-up Family Sharing and Parental Controls iPhone or iPad - DLS Tech

* Create an Apple ID for your child
You’ve wiped the iPhone or iPad that you are going to give to your child and set up Family Sharing on your own personal device. Next, you need to set up an Apple ID before you can sign them into their new device. You can quickly and easily create a children’s Apple ID by following these simple steps.

On your own personal iPhone or iPad – open the Settings app, tap your name (at the top), select Family Sharing, then tap create an Apple ID or a child. Next, you’ll be prompted to enter your child’s date of birth and agree to Apples disclosure terms. You’re almost done. Now you’ll be asked to enter your child’s name and create an email address for their new Apple ID ( From here, you just need to follow the onscreen instructions to setup a password and security questions for your child’s Apple ID. Make sure you choose things that both your child and yourself will remember.

* Enable Restrictions
These days IOS provides a wide array of options within the Restrictions menu which allow parents to switch off things like FaceTime, iTunes, Safari, Installing/Deleting Apps, In-App Purchases, and much more. iOS also has a built-in feature that only allows any media download based on its rating (PG, 12, 15 etc).

In order to stop potentially huge bills from being run up with in-app purchases, I highly recommend turning them (In-App Purchases) off in restrictions.

To set up restrictions. Simply launch the Settings app on your child’s iPhone or iPad, then click General, and tap Restrictions. Make sure your select Enable Restrictions (at the top of the menu). When you are asked to enter a passcode, use a unique one and never tell your children.

iPhone Gaming - DLS TechFollowing the steps above will help you avoid any X-rated app that your children should not see as well as avoiding a huge bill from in-app purchases made in your child’s favourite game. This along with the Family Sharing and Restrictions detailed above ensure that you can say goodbye to all your worries and hello to a child-friendly gadget!


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