Xiaomi is coming to the UK

Xiaomi UK London Launch Event - DLS Tech

Today the huge Chinese company Xiaomi announced that it’s coming to the UK via a tweet. This is potentially massive news as Xiaomi are a huge name in China, India and beyond but sadly never made the move over to British shores.

Xiaomi UK Launch Tweet

Xiaomi is often referred to as the Apple of China due to their hardware prowess and impressive sales figures. They sell everything from cutting edge Android phones to laptops, robot vacuums, fitness bands, smart home sensors, even electric scooters (I’m not joking).

Xiaomi have long been rumored to be coming to Great Britain and after years of anticipation and speculation, it’s great to hear that the Chinese giant has finally made an official announcement. It goes without saying that we’re extremely excited to see what they have in store for us Brits when they take to the stage in London on November 8th.


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