A perfect email app?

A perfect email app? DLS Tech

Having recently moved back to iOS from Android, I’ve been looking for an email app to replace the default mail app on iOS. In 2018 you’d probably expect a bunch of developers have nailed the requirements for a perfect email app, while there’s so much choice, there’s not one app that ticks every single box unfortunately.

On Android, Inbox by Google was my email app of choice and I loved it! Fast, fluid, beautifully designed and injected with some AI powered features like smart reply and intelligent grouping that allowed Google to flex their machine learning muscles. Unfortunately the iOS app has some limitations that make it less useful than the Android equivalent. I’ve tried the default Mail App by Apple that’s preinstalled on all iPhones and Mac’s and while it’s good, it’s certainly not great. So the search for a perfect email app began…

MacOS is my desktop operating system of choice so a perfect app would need to work flawlessly across both iOS and Mac. This got me thinking and after countless hours of research, I finally had a shortlist. This was a list of 4 great apps, all with their own pros and cons. Choosing an email client is a big decision and I was still unable to decide which single app will handle all my email going forwards.

Here’s how my shortlist looks at the moment:
Newton Mail

Everything so far seems to suggest that either Spark or Newton Mail by Cloudmagic would be the best choice with both boasting excellent feature sets. I’ve not settled on either yet though and would be keen on hearing if anyone else has a suggestion that is missing from my list above.

For now, I’ll continue to use the built in Mail app on iOS & MacOS as the search for the perfect email app to grace my iPhone X and MacBook continues….


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