Xbox Series S Next Gen Console Revealed – UK Pricing, release date and video


* Updated 9/9 to included official Xbox video with November 10th launch date *

In an unexpected move, Microsoft moved quickly this morning to confirm the existence of the long rumoured Xbox Series S. This is their entry level next gen console capable of playing all the next gen games with a target resolution of 1440p. After some over night leaks, the official Xbox Twitter account moved quickly to confirm the leaks were true and it will be launching at an unbelievably low price of £249!

As you can see, the Series S looks like a very capable next gen console supporting all the bells and whistles you’d expect. If you’re not a gamer that buys physical games on disk and you don’t own a 4K TV, this will be an ideal way to experience the next generation of gaming. To put the incredible £249 price into perspective, this will be cheaper than the Nintendo Switch!! Take a look at the official confirmation via the Xbox UK Twitter account below along with a video leaked by Twitter user @_h0x0d_ which points towards a November launch.

After months of next gen hype but no pricing, it’s great to see Microsoft finally show their hand, hopefully we won’t have to wait too much longer for the PS5 and Xbox Series X pricing.

** Update: Microsoft have since made the Xbox Series S launch video official with an added bonus of confirming the November 10th release date via their YouTube channel. Watch this below**


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