Netflix arrives on Google’s Nest Hub & Nest Hub Max

Netflix arrives on Nest Hub and Nest Hub Max - DLS Tech

Netflix has finally arrived on the Nest Hub and Nest Hub Max, which is fantastic news for all owners of Google’s smart displays! Until now, Netflix has been strangely absent from these devices and it was particularly felt by UK Nest Hub owners, as we don’t have luxury of YouTube TV to fill the content void unlike owners in the US. It’s even more important for Google to get services like Netflix on board, especially when the competing Echo Show smart displays have had access to Prime Video for years in the UK!

In order to use Netflix on your Google Nest Hub (or Nest Hub Max), you’ll first need to link your Netflix account via the Google Home app on your phone. This can be done by opening the app, clicking the settings icon, scolling down to the ‘Services’ section and clicking ‘Video’ where you’ll be prompted to link your Netflix account (if you haven’t already).

Once that’s done, you can simply ask Google to play your favourite show “Hey Google, Play 13 Reasons Why” and it will start playing right on your smart display! If you’re unsure what to watch, you can just ask your Google Assistant to “Open Netflix” and you’ll be presented with a custom UI which showcases some of the most popular shows at the moment.

Netflix arrives on Google Smart Displays nest hub and nest hub max - DLS Tech

It’s also worth noting if you have multiple profiles on your Netflix account, you can link each user profile to a specific Google account and Netflix will continue playing right where you left off thanks to the magic Voice Match.

In summary, Google finally managing to get Netflix on their Nest Hub and Nest Hub Max devices is huge news and something that has been implemented really nicely. It has already been used fairly extensively in our household over the past few days as my better half watches her favourite shows while cooking.

Now if only we could get YouTube TV in the UK next please…..


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