Google Home vs Alexa – Battle of the AI giants!


Well, if there’s ever a showdown that I’ve wanted to see this is it! Both artificial intelligent assistants are extremely impressive. Alexa has been around for a while thanks to the Amazon Echo but now a new challenger has arrived on UK soil… Google Home!

How do the two shape up? They’re both very quick to process and reply to questions and requests, they both have a natural sounding voice (I prefer Google’s) and they’re both capable of controlling your smart home.

Amazon Echo Alexa vs Google Home UK - DLS Tech
Where Google takes the lead is in general knowledge questions. Thanks to Google’s amazing knowledge graph you can ask Home just about anything and she will respond with a lengthy answer (how to change a bike tyre for example).

I’m sure that you’d be happy with either of the AI assistants in your home but if I had to choose one right now it would be the Google Home.


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