PS5 Reveal – Thursday 11th June 9pm

    Playstation 5 reveal event 2020 - DLS Tech

    Sony has announced the new date for their Playstation 5 reveal video! Titled ‘The Future of Gaming’ this pre-recorded video will be available in 1080p at 30FPS and, in a not too subtle hint that their new Tempest Engine powered 3D Audio will be featured, Sony are recommending that you listen via headphones if possible. So clear your calendar to free up an hour or so on Thursday 11th June at 9PM to see first hand what Sony have in store for the PS5 reveal!

    What to expect
    If the PS4 reveal event is anything to go by Sony will come out swinging with showcases of some next gen first party titles that will surely leave the jaws of gamers across the world on the floor! Killzone: Shadow Fall was unveiled during the PS4 reveal event and it’s an absolutely gorgeous game even today, 6 years later! We’ll also undoubtedly learn more about the controller and it’s highly likely that we’ll finally get our first glimpse of the PS5 console itself. Whatever happens, Sony have a history of setting the gaming world alight with their initial console reveals and expectations are higher than ever with the PS5 reveal. This is definitely one that you won’t want to miss!

    Where to Watch
    The PS5 reveal video will premiere on YouTube and Twitch at 9PM Thursday 11th Jun on the official Playstation channels, so you’ll be able to tune in, sit back and enjoy the presentation on your preferred video streaming platform.

    Playstation 5 reveal event 2020 - DLS Tech

    Still looking for more info?
    You can read the full Sony blog post by clicking here.



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