The Elder Scrolls Online arrives on Stadia


The Elder Scrolls Online is now live on the Stadia store with the standard edition of the game being absolutely free for Stadia Pro subscribers! The Elder Scrolls Online is a well regarded MMORPG that’s infamous for it’s large download and patch sizes, so Stadia will be a great place to play thanks to the absence of updates/patches/installs and unlimited storage space (no more having to delete games to make room for new ones) on Google’s cloud gaming platform. In addition to the standard edition, the latest Greymoor expansion has also arrived on Stadia which is available to purchase separately for £54.99 (or £44.99 if you haven’t used your £10 off code).

If you’re currently a Stadia Pro subscriber, you can head over to the Stadia app on your phone or on your desktop or laptop to claim the game right now. If you haven’t signed up for a Stadia account yet, now is a great time to do just that and enjoy a month of free Stadia Pro!


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