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Sky Glass - TV with Sky Built in - DLS Tech

Sky have announced a brand new TV this morning with Sky built in. Sky Glass is the name of Sky’s new TV which allows you to access all of the Sky TV content alongside apps from Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, ITV, BBC and more, all without the need for a dish!

Sky Glass - Blue TV Colour - DLS Tech

The TV itself looks really good thanks to a cutting-edge design that’s available in five colours: Ocean blue, Ceramic white, Racing green, Dusky pink, or Anthracite black, with colour matched remotes too. At it’s core, Sky Glass is a 4K Quantum Dot TV with HDR and Dolby Vision available in 43″, 55″ or 65″ screen sizes. Sky are also promising amazing sound too thanks to a selection of built in speakers with Dolby Atmos support. With Sky Glass, Sky are promising this single TV will be able to do everything. No need for an external sound bar, no need for a dish and no need for a separate streaming box. One single plug (and over 10 mbps wifi) is all you need!

Sky Glass TV interface UI - DLS Tech

The new Sky Glass interface aims to bring together content from all your favourite services and allows you to add things to a playlist, so they’re all available in one list no matter whether it’s Premier League football from Sky Sports or Squid Games from Netflix. You can also watch live TV from any Sky channel with the pause and rewind functionality we’ve come to expect from the UK TV giant.

Sky are also promising that the TV will automatically optimise picture and sound settings based on the content that you’re watching so that Sky Glass users are always getting the best possible experience.

Sky Glass is available in a range of gorgeous colours with free delivery which includes unboxing the TV and taking away the packaging too!

Sky Glass - Pink TV Colour - DLS Tech

Sky are also innovating in the way you shop for TV’s, bringing the experience more in line with how we’ve come to purchase mobile phones. The 43″ version of Sky Glass is available for only £13 and month, with the 55″ version costing only £17 a month and the largest 65″ screen size being £21 a month. All these prices are based on 48 monthly payments and actually work out cheaper than buying the TV’s outright! The Sky Ultimate TV package which includes all of Sky’s main channels (minus sports and movies) and Netflix is available for an additional £26 per month. There’s also options to add Sky Sports, Sky Cinema and BT Sports too to complete the Sky Glass experience.

Sky Glass is due to launch on the 18th of October and you can find out more as well as register your interest on Sky’s site today.

Sky Glass - Colour Matched Remote


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