Sonos on a budget – Multiroom Audio, Amazing Price!

Chromecast Audio - Sonos on a budget - DLS Tech
Chromecast Audio - Sonos on a budget - DLS Tech

Are you looking to add music to every room in your home but being put off by the Sonos price tags? Don’t worry, this is a common complaint and there’s a little known device that provides extremely similar functionality for only a portion of the price!!

The device that I’m talking about is the Chromecast Audio. This clever bit of kit plugs in to the aux input on your existing speakers and allows them to connect to the internet to play your favourite songs and podcasts. Yes, you can plug the Chromecast Audio into any speaker with a headphone socket and enjoy beautiful audio streamed over the internet.

You can group multiple speakers into rooms or zones and even include Google Home devices too as they’re Chromecast Audio enabled out of the box.

Once you’ve gone through the amazingly simple set-up process for each Chromecast Audio, you can listen to your favourite songs, bands, albums and playlists using the Spotify or Google Play Music apps as well as many other supported music services!

Chromecast Audio - Cast from your phone - DLS Tech
This sounds amazing, but how much does it cost? Well each Chromecast Audio is only £30! That means you could be enjoying multi-room audio in 5 rooms in your home for only £150 (assuming you already have some old speakers)!

When you consider a single Sonos Play 1 speaker (for one room) is currently £199 on the Sonos store, that’s quite an amazing saving.


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