The Best Black Friday UK Tech Deals

    Black Friday UK Tech Deals 2017 - DLS Tech

    If you’re looking for the best deals in technology this Black Friday – Look no further, we’ve looked around and listed all the greatest deals below just for you!

    Echo Dot Alexa UK Black Friday deal - DLS TechAmazon Echo Dot (Alexa) – If you’re looking to add Alexa to your home or get a thoughtful gift for a family member this Christmas, now is the best time to place your order! Down from the usual (already great) price of £49.99 to ONLY £34.99 – Order Now


    Amazon Echo Black Friday 2017 - DLS TechAmazon Echo (Alexa) – The full size Echo has all the same features as the smaller Echo Dot above but comes in a larger form factor which means more room for speakers. If you’re looking for an Amazon Echo that will fill a room with sound, this is it! Usually £89.99, now ONLY £69.99 – Order Now


    Amazon Fire TV Stick 2017 UK Black Friday - DLS TechAmazon Fire TV Stick – Staying with Amazon, the latest Fire TV Stick is currently on offer for an all time low price of £24.99 (usually £39.99). If you’re looking to access Prime Video, Netflix, BBC iPlayer & others on the big screen, this is a great way to do it! Order Now


    Nest Thermostat UK Black Friday - DLS Tech

    Nest Thermostat – This is a must have for any smart home. Nest uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to keep your home at the perfect temperature without you ever having to worry about a thing. When you leave your house, Nest will automatically turn off the heating too to save you money on energy bills. A stunning looking piece of tech that even works with Alexa & Google Home so you can just ask Alexa or Google to warm the house up and the heating will turn on…. as if by magic! Now ONLY £154.99 – Order Now


    SmartThings Starter Kit UK Black Friday - DLS TechSmartThings Starter Pack – The SmartThings starter pack contains everything you need to start making your home smart! It’s like a smart home in a box, what’s not to like? Read our full review here. This is already an amazing piece of technology at the usual price of £199.99 but now it’s ONLY £99.99! Order Now


    Google Home unboxing - DLS Tech

    Google Home – If you’re not in to Amazon but want a piece of the smart home speaker action, Google Home is the best smart home speaker on the market! Google Home does everything that Alexa does and so much more thanks to the power of Google you can ask it almost anything and it will answer immediately! Read our full review here. With £50 off this Black Friday, Google Home is an absolute bargain for ONLY £79! Order Now


    Google Home Mini UK Black Friday 2017 - DLS TechGoogle Home Mini – If you’re already into the Google Home world and looking to add the amazing functionality to your bedroom or kitchen, the Google Home Mini is perfect! All the smart features of the full sized Google Home in a much smaller package. The mini still packs surprisingly good sound for its size too! At ONLY £34 – this has to be the best bang for your buck in tech at the moment! Order Now


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