Pure white Essential phone lands in the US (still no UK date)

Essential Phone UK, Pure White - DLS Tech

Following on from our article way back in May when Andy Rubin’s new start up Essential first came out of stealth mode to unveil their beautiful new Android smartphone, there’s been radio silence on when we can expect to see the stunning handset land on UK shores.

While this is unfortunate for us UK fans, the US folks are being treated to a new colour! The simply sensational looking Pure white. While I still prefer my gadgets black it’s hard to deny how beautiful the Essential Phone looks in white.

Essential Phone UK, Pure White Essential Phone UK release, DLS Tech
I know this makes the wait for the UK release even harder, it’s great to see that Essential are still working hard following their launch. US coverage of the phone details regular software updates so we can expect all the initial launch bugs to be a thing of the past when the it lands on Great British shores.

As always, as soon as we know more, you’ll be the first to read about it!


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