PS5 UK Price and Release Date

PS5 UK launch event - DLS Tech

Today Sony finally put an end to speculation by confirming the price and launch date of their hotly anticipated next generation games console the Playstation 5! The PS5 will be available in two slightly different variations, one being a ‘Digital Edition’ which doesn’t have a disc drive and another, simply known as the PS5 which comes with a UHD Blu Ray disc drive we’ve come to expect from Sony consoles.

Both consoles are due to launch in the UK on November 19th and the standard PS5 is £449.99 while the Digital Edition will come in at a significantly cheaper £359.99. These are great prices for both consoles and unlike the Xbox next gen strategy, both consoles feature the same horsepower under the hood, the only difference is there’s no disk drive in the Digital Edition so games will have to be purchased via the online Playstation Store.

Playstation 5 launch price UK - DLS Tech

How do you feel about the prices, considering the Xbox Series S will be £249? Will you be picking up a PS5 at launch and if so, which model?


  1. I just found out Gamestop did their PS5 preorders. They sold out so fast. I guess I don’t mind rocking my PS4 for a while longer. Were you quick enough to get your preorder in?


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