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Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro - New Design

The Google Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro are coming soon

Google have revealed their 2 new flagship smartphones for 2021, the Pixel 6 and it's bigger brother, the Pixel 6 Pro. Boasting a beautiful new design that fits perfectly with the...
Google Stadia Logo - DLS Tech

Google Stadia launch is upon us – What do you need to know?

So after a reveal at GDC earlier this year, Stadia is finally launching on November 19th for people who have ordered the Founders or Premiere Edition from the Google store. Here's...
Stadia Connect July 2020 - DLS Tech

Stadia Connect July 2020 Recap – Too Little, Too Late?

Google held their latest Stadia connect yesterday which has been hotly anticipated by the community for weeks. It represented a beacon of hope for Stadia fans and great opportunity for Google...

Google Pixel Buds 2 arrive in the US!

After waiting for what seems like an eternity, Google have finally launched their updated Pixel Buds and they've been well received amongst the journalists across the pond! That's the good news....

The Elder Scrolls Online arrives on Stadia

The Elder Scrolls Online is now live on the Stadia store with the standard edition of the game being absolutely free for Stadia Pro subscribers! The Elder Scrolls Online is a...
Google Launch Night in September 30th event - DLS Tech

September Google Event – Launch Night in 30th September 7pm

Google are ready to unveil their upcoming hardware at a special online only event this Wednesday (30/09) at 7pm UK time. The Made by Google Twitter account officially revealed this event...
Stadia comes to Google TV 2021 - DLS Tech

Stadia arrives on Google TV and Android TV later this month

When the new Chromecast with Google TV was announced last year, Stadia was a strange omission from it's list of apps (along with UK TV streaming apps All 4 and NowTV,...
Google Stadia Logo - DLS Tech

Google Stadia – The Final Gaming Frontier

Google is set to join the gaming space this November with Google Stadia, a unique game streaming platform that will rival the Microsoft Xbox & Sony Playstation, but what is it...
Google Pixel 2 phone UK EE - DLS Tech

Google Announces Pixel 2 & Pixel 2 XL

Google unveiled there 2017 flagship smartphones this week and they look impressive! The Pixel XL 2 is a particularly impressive phone thanks to the huge screen and ultra high end specs! Of...
Google Home UK review - DLS Tech

Google Home Review – The future of computing

I have owned 4 Amazon Echo devices since they were first available to pre-order in the UK and although Alexa is undoubtedly impressive, it always felt like something was missing. This is...


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