Amazon Launches TV Channels in the UK – Time to cut the cable?

Amazon Channels Launches UK Prime Video - DLS Tech

Amazon have launched a TV Channels service in the UK that’s available to Prime members via the Amazon Video app, but what does this mean?

If you open the Amazon Video app today you’ll still have access to all the great Movies and TV shows that are available for free to Prime members but you’ll also see a new section called TV Channels. This is a list of additional subscription services that are available to subscribe to on an individual basis with no contract (the ITV add-on is £3.99 per month for example). The theory is that you’ll only be paying for the TV you watch rather than the huge bundles of channels offered by Virgin Media, Sky and other Paid TV options in the UK.

Finally, this is what we’ve been waiting for I hear you cry! Well slow down. It’s not quite as impressive as it first seems. The ITV Catch Up Service is £3.99 per month for example while all the channels are free to air over the traditional TV network. Sure you don’t have to sit through adverts but you surrender the ability to watch live TV so no watching the England football matches live.

HayU Amazon TV Channel subscription UK - DLS Tech

Other ‘Channels’ being offered by Amazon in the initial line up seem much better value. HayU in particular seems like a great option for the reality TV fan girls (or boys) thanks to same day as US shows like the Kardashians and other huge reality TV shows for only £3.99 a month (after an initial 30 day free trial). There’s also a Discovery Channel available with all the great content you’re used to for only £4.99 a month which is sure to please the men of the UK.

One thing to remember, while you may be able to cut down on your TV bill, you’ll lose access to any kind of live TV content which may or may not be a deal breaker for you. Personally, I’m a huge sports fan and football is the only thing I watch live. If I wasn’t into sports I’d have cut the cord and given paid TV the boot a long time ago.

If you’d still like to learn more or add some Channels to your account (HayU seems like a great deal and a wife pleaser)! Click here to visit the Amazon TV Channels page.


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